Ever torn between
my age in numbers
and how I feel

that I should slow
down not measure
my minutes for their

We’re younger than
we’ve ever been
before and for
so much longer.

That my mother,
my father had to
commit to life
together houses
together dogs
cats children
jobs – well did
it make them
stronger I wonder?

We’re younger than
we’ve ever been
before and for
so much longer.

To commit to
anything seems
too limiting
and we’re the ones
who say no to sacrifice

because we eat, drink,
be merry like we
deserve any of it.

wha is it
Hammonassett Beach, CT

77 thoughts on “BUT WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT?

  1. A thought provoking perspective. Things are changing but in what ways, and are we better for it? I like the layout of your stanzas.

  2. “say no to sacrafice”… what a line. really made me thing. this is not something i always feel i can do. my entire life is about sacrifice these days, and maintenance and rebuilding… saying no to sacrifice seems like saying no to breathing, no to living, not to the people i love most. i will always sacrifice my interests in the interest of what’s best for them. when i read that i think of someone so dedicated to finding a freedom of sorts that they do not keep roots. i can’t decide whether i would want that or not

  3. How do you know if you don’t commit? You can not say. Most often it is a sacrifice, because it is someting we believe in and care about. And that is worth commiting to. The fun of it all! Gee… That is a lot to put in my soft memory bank. Fun? Yes! But fleeting and usually not memorable in the long run. Can we really say we deserve? I do not know. Even not being commited is saying that I believe in it enough to commit to not taking the challenge of commiting. The day is comming to an end. Make the most of each and every day.

    Enjoy the commitments and the spontaneousness of each and every moment.

    The fun of it all!

  4. how gorgeous…”To commit to
    anything seems
    too limiting
    and weโ€™re the ones
    who say no to sacrifice”
    enjoyed every bit…congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  5. I really like how you nailed it home at the end. great truth in your words and eloquently played out.

  6. Wow the Last stanza hit me like a train.. It is soo true. Sadly. There are two coins of every story. And us wanting more and more from life is making us numb as well.

  7. I liked this and relate. Though I am of the generation just on the cusp — the one in which many of us still committed in the way our parents did — house, spouse, baby. And we’re coming upon middle age now … wondering what color the crises will be. Will they be the midlife crises of old? Or something new? Glad to have discovered your blog on Freshly Pressed. (Fog up the windows is a great name, btw)

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  9. Wow, that’s a really well-written poem! I see a lot of truth in both the merriment of enjoying life and the commitment to family. I think a good balance is the best way to live ๐Ÿ™‚

    Courtney Hosny

  10. Wow … beautiful poem. The last few lines were completely unexpected and made me think “Wow … I need to go think some more”

  11. Woah, did you just live life with me for the past week and a half? …because I’m pretty sure that poem was just all up in my brain and running along with my thoughts…
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more!

  12. Well done! Thought-provoking questions in your title and throughout the poem. Interesting choice of words: “That my mother, / my father had to…” What if instead we look at them as “daring to commit”? And that we who see commitment and sacrifice as limiting are missing out on the mystery of the gifts that they can be? Just some thoughts provoked by your words…

    1. I suppose when I compare my own options in life to my parents’ – I have a lot more choices. And up until this point, I have held that these choices are liberating and only good. Just recently, I have noticed how many people in their twenties play this game of bumper cars + I know see the real value of commitment and sacrifice. Thank you for your comment…!

  13. It sounds sad; a reflection on the disabilities of ennui and the fear of commitments. Beautifully written.

  14. This is amazing “…that I should slow
    down not measure
    my minutes for their
    Some times we can’t seem to keep up and looking back, you don’t see what was done. It’s real easy to get lost in this maze of life. Love the poem a lot.

  15. Made my mind ponder. The imae that you used here, as a direction to my thoughts. Suddenly feelin a fresh unreal breeze, I am ‘made’ to think; But What Is It That I Want?

    Beautiful Poem; Especially the last stanzas.

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